Landing zones were established, Lebanese militias contacted for help, and plans formulated for a commando force. According to Reese, it is "an obscure unit that does black-ops so dark, technically they don't exist". Officials developed a contingency plan for the new situation: ISA operators were to infiltrate the city and confirm the locations of the hostages, as well as make contact with the Lebanese Christian militia. He would be given instructions and equipment along the way, and was required to perform certain assignments, for example, setting up a SATCOM system. On December 2, 1993, with help from Centra Spike and a mobile Colombian surveillance team, Escobar's hideout was pinpointed, and Colombian police moved in. Some of ISA's most recent deployments was in 1993 in Somalia. The history of the CIA's signals intelligence activities, even from decades earlier, is still often shrouded in secrecy - with much of that history either completely classified or with only small portions of those activities appearing in declassified documents. Declassified CIA documents on terrorism date back to the late 1970s. Then, Delta and SEAL Team 6 operators would make their way into the city in small groups and wait at safe-houses until the time was right. Chinese intelligence activity abroad. Die Intelligence Support Activity (ISA, Spitzname The Activity) ist eine Spezialeinheit der United States Army. Qualified candidates can expect to focus on human intelligence operations and activities as defined by the Intelligence Community. Die Einheit wurde 1980 unter dem Namen Field Operations Group gegründet, um die Delta Force bei der Rettungsaktion im Zusammenhang mit der Geiselnahme in Teheran zu unterstützen (Operation Eagle Claw). The team put together a detailed critique and proposed changes to the organization of the forces, but the document was ignored by the higher officials insisting that security was adequate. Royal Cape, Granite Rock and Powder Keg were some, Centra Spike and Torn Victor being other possible cover names. In one particular situation, Delta and Torn Victor agents supposedly donned French uniforms (Pale is in the French sector of the UN zone) and traveled to Pale hoping to conduct closer surveillance of his whereabouts. Things became more complicated though, as the airplane took on more terrorists and weapons on one of its hops to Beirut, and Algerian authorities refused Delta permission to mount a rescue on their soil. Along with Queens Hunter, ISA was involved in many operations across Central America, in Panama, Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador. //-->. Almost simultaneously, another truck bomb exploded in the French barracks, killing 56. The Defense Intelligence Agency, according to its website, is a “Department of Defense combat support agency that produces analyses and disseminates military intelligence information.” DIA provides information on foreign military intelligence (e.g. The government realized the importance of the FOG. As a result, ISA was almost disbanded, but Army officials succeeded in ensuring its survival, albeit on a much tighter leash. The negotiations were going so well that Iraq decided to throw in a Mil Mi-24 Hind D helicopter and a MiG-25 fighter-interceptor. Delta Force and SEAL Team Six were scrambled in preparation to liberate the hostages if needed, as the airplane hopped back and forth from Beirut to Algiers. Reconnaissance overflights revealed a possible location where POWs, still believed to be held by the Vietnamese early in the year. They were never used. //-->. Also in 1982, an ISA team was sent to Sudan to provide protection to Sudanese President Gaafar Nimeiry and his vice president. Ihre Stärke wird auf ca. But, ISA also sponsored a private rescue mission by Vietnam War veteran Bo Gritz, providing him with thousands of dollars worth of communications equipment, cameras, along with plane tickets and intelligence photos. A top-secret "Army electronic surveillance team," was sent to aid the Colombians in August of 1989, as a part of Operation Heavy Shadow. Ironically, the embassy in Iran was on their itinerary, but, history intervened, and it was overrun by a mob who took the larger part of the staff hostage. The order never came; a secret arms-for-hostages deal was cut by the American government. Delta was finally given the go-ahead and flew to Sicily and Cyprus along with Task Force 160 and Seaspray helicopters, thus ending the need for ISA's help. Delta's deployment was stalled by bureaucratic dealings, so ISA mobilized its most compartmentalized unit, the direct action element, the shooters. But intelligence has been a function of the Government since the founding of the Republic. In the summer of 1980, FOG agents were infiltrated into Teheran to report back on the hostages' whereabouts, movements of the Iranians, as well as to recruit local agents. Currently, ISA is believed to be under control of JSOC, and published accounts have it organized into administration, training, SIGINT, HUMINT and direct action elements. Seitdem wird ein Tarnname verwendet, der alle zwei Jahre geändert wird. /* specw */ Cowan and another ISA agent managed to drive through every sector of Beirut, even the Shiite suburb, a dangerous practice at the time. //-->. Once inside, Centra Spike agents would plug in laptops into the airplane's power and could simultaneously track four frequencies. During the 1983 American invasion of Grenada, special forces units were plagued by lack of useful and up-to-date intelligence. The aim of the operation was to monitor cross-border raids and movements of Sandinista forces and rebels in El Salvador. Secret Warriors: Inside the Covert Military Operations of the Reagan Era by Steven Emerson, US News & World Report 7/6/98 - "Hunting war criminals: The first account of secret U.S. missions in Bosnia by Richard J. Newman. google_ad_client = "ca-pub-2474589617600485"; Deployed together with a small Delta Force contingent, Centra Spike flew over Colombia in their airplanes and continued to track Escobar. ... One problem that plagued the first attempt was the lack of valuable intelligence. Under Operation Winter Harvest, a small team of Delta Force technicians was dispatched to Italy to provide assistance with the search for Dozier. "Dead men tell no tales." (“No Good Deed”) Honey trapping and kompromat are also common tools of Chinese intelligence services. Tracking dummy targets over Medellin, Centra Spike managed to pinpoint their locations within 200 meters, while Majestic Eagle came no closer than four miles. Indeed, much of what is known today as the Intelligence Community was created and developed during the Cold War period. The Field Operations Group (FOG) was created in summer 1980 in order to take part in a second attempt to rescue the U.S. hostages held in the Tehran embassy after the failure of the Operation Eagle Claw. Perhaps the least known, and most classified unit within the realm of US special operations is the Intelligence Support Activity, a small, highly trained and capable intelligence unit. In all these cases, intelligence support from the CIA was required. One of their major tasks was to create "pathfinders." The ISA technicians were instrumental in the tracking and capture of a number of Red Brigades terrorists, and most probably the location of the kidnapped Dozier himself. Stationed in the fifth floor of the American embassy, and operating from specially outfitted Beechcraft 300 and 350 aircraft, Centra Spike tracked Escobar around the country. Formally established in 1947, the CIA coordinates American intelligence activities and collects, analyzes, and shares intelligence pertaining to national security. Zuletzt verwendete Bezeichnungen waren Centra Spike, Torn Victor und Gray Fox. The plan involved flying feet above the turbulent Mediterranean Sea, at night, through hostile airspace. Der Aufbau der Einheit ist unklar, wahrscheinlich jedoch dem der Delta Force oder dem britischen Special Air Service (SAS) ähnlich. In 1981, the CIA, along with a covert helicopter unit, Seaspray, was involved in the secret transport of Lebanese Christian leader Bashir Gemayel back to Beirut after a round of secret talks with the President Reagan. google_ad_client = "ca-pub-2474589617600485"; /* specw */ This time around, travel through the city was a very dangerous endeavour, with roadblocks everywhere. google_ad_height = 90; Therefore, its operations cannot be outside the mandate and the sphere of interest o… Electronic specialists and SIGINT operators comprised part of the force. The strategists decided the best option would be to send an ISA team in to provide accurate intelligence on the situation, and to prepare to secure landing zones for a Delta rescue force. Defense Intelligence Agency: "The People’s Republic of China continues to strengthen its military space capabilities despite its public stance against the militarization of space." Another important difference between the two organizations is the degree of autonomy they have. During the operation, a rivalry developed between Centra Spike, and a CIA intelligence unit named Majestic Eagle. If successful, the candidate would then continue training within ISA in such skills as parachuting, survival, weapons and intelligence gathering. Bickering between the CIA and JSOC further complicated matters. ISA recommended covert deployment of its operatives to both airports to secure landing zones and infiltration routes. They discovered there was no co-ordination between them, and vital information regarding terrorist attacks was not being shared. google_ad_width = 728; Branches Of The Special Activities Division (SAD)CIA Branches Of SADSpecial Activities Division SelectionSAD TrainingKnown Special Activities Division MissionsNotable Documentaries, Books, And Movies It’s not “what” or “how” that is important when it comes to threat intelligence, specifically One selection exercise involved dropping a candidate off in the desert without food, water or means of communication. google_ad_slot = "6785977887"; Immediately after, he would be dropped off in a city, and asked to perform clandestine activities. The agents prepared contingency plans for a commando force to enter Beirut clandestinely, and to strike at Hizbollah and Syrian targets.