FF-1058 Jerry Bauman BT2 4/87 to 11/91 baumanjerry (AT) yahoo.com; Westpac 87 was a blast! USS Meyerkord FF 1058 Decommissioning Crew OFFICERS CDR William J. The USS Meyerkord cruise book includes group portraits of the crew, and many photos from ports of call such as Singapore, Hong Kong and Sasebo. This page is dedicated to the officers and men who were...."the honorable members of the illustrious original crew who commissioned the good ship MEYERKORD" Sweet, USN Commanding Officer CDR Robert A. Bill Carlson. USS Meyerkord (FF-1058) was a Knox-class frigate of the US Navy.Named for Lieutenant Harold Dale Meyerkord (1937-1965) a senior naval adviser to South Vietnam who was killed in action during the Vietnam War and received the Navy Cross.. Meyerkord was constructed by Todd Pacific Shipyards, Los Angeles Division, at San Pedro, California. Subject: USS Meyerkord (FF-1058) Date: Mon, 16 Nov 1998 From: Jody Gittins To: USSDE1058. USS Meyerkord (DE-1058) underway in the Pacific Ocean in late 1969 (NH 107485).jpg 5,690 × 4,527; 9.31 MB USS Meyerkord (FF-1058) departing Pearl Harbor on 1 February 1991 (6475428).jpg 2,840 × 1,870; 3.06 MB DE-1058 is named for Lieutenant Harold D. Meyerkord, United States Navy, who was killed while serving as an advisor to the River Assault Group in Republic of Vietnam. The escort ship USS MEYERKORD (DE-1058) is waterborne at Todd Shipyards Corporation, Los Angeles Division, San Pedro, California, 21 November 1969. This presumptive conditions list used to include only those who served boots on the ground or within the inland waterways of Vietnam, but now includes Blue Water veterans who served in the US Navy ships that were in open waters within the 12-mile radius of the coastline of Vietnam: original vintage united states navy * rare * cruise book for the guided missle destroyer uss meyerkord de-1058 westpac deployment march 11, 1971 to july 5, 1971. published by the crew as a permanent record of the ship during her deployment 1971. hard covered book measures 8 1\2" x 11" profusely illustrated 80 pages with photos of the ship and crew. April 24, 1971: The Houston Perth Memorial Service in Sundra Strait commemorating the sea battle there in February of 1942. Butt, USN Executive Officer LCDR Richard Z. Ladao, USNR Chief Engineer LCDR Michael P. Kerins, USNR Weapons Officer LT Peter W. Kehrig, USN Operations Officer LT Michael B. Bohn, USN Supply Officer FF-1058 Frank Bean STG2 05/85 to 03/87 NH 71895-KN Insignia: USS MEYERKORD (DE-1058) Download Image: Low (PNG, 319x319px, 177KB) Med (JPEG, 1280x1280px, 327KB) RR : USS Miami (CL-89) Cleveland Class WWII Light Cruiser: USS Michael Murphy (DDG-112) Arleigh Burke Flight II Class 6: USS Micka (DE-176) Cannon Class DE: USS Mifflin (APA-207) Haskell Class APA: USS Milius (DDG-69) Conf. USS Meyerkord (DE/FF-1058) Conf. Best group of engineers I ever served with! My name is Jody Gittins, and I served aboard Meyerkord from January of 1974 to November of 1976. USS Meyerkord DE/FF 1058 (Knox Class) Plankowners. Y : USS Miller (DD-535) a good ship and crew DE-1958 Tom Wirth RD2 2/70 - 7/71 tjwirth48 (AT) gmail.com; The older I get, the more I cherish the memories of serving aboard DE-1058 with a great crew. She was laid down 1 September 1966 and launched on 15 … I have many fine memories of Meyerkord, her engineers, and her crew.

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